Friday, April 20, 2018

More Soy Wax Batik with Ice Dyeing

Here are are some more pieces I started last weekend and finished yesterday.

 This shirt first came out as in the picture below. I wanted more color, so re-dyed it 
and above is the final version.

Below is a shirt I did for my husband.
 He must like it because he's wearing it as I write.

In this cotton piece, I combined calligraphy with soy wax batik. Just a first try, 
but will definitely come back for more practice.

In the silk scar below I used a foam brush, like in the piece above, 
to create the stem and then dipped a cake server into wax for the leaves.

This is an over-dyed piece. I like it except for a few of the very dark little 'blobs.'  I may try to do a little bleach or decolorant to lighten them. I'm not sure if you can use bleach on silk however. More research needed.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Soy Wax Ice Dyeing Revisited

Had a great time over the weekend creating some soy-waxed, ice-dyed fabric.  It was the first time in ten months, I felt well enough physically to do it, since my back problems and back surgery. Believe it or not, there is a lot of bending, lifting, carrying, etc. involved in the process. Anyway, I had a ball!

This was a piece I over-dyed. Here it is after applying the soy wax.

Here's my table all set up, ready for Ice and Dyes, 
after doing some dye planning.

Here is the over-dyed piece, shown in the top photo. I used grape and black on it.

After soy waxing, I used Bronze, Lemon yellow and Powerberry dyes.

This was also an over-dyed piece. It was light pink in places and mostly white. 
 I batiked it and used Chartreuse, Turquoise, Palomino Gold and Powerberry.

This was another over-dyed piece. It was originally dull green with some rust. I batiked it and used Cobalt and Pro-chem Rust Brown.

I used a wooden, carved block made for batiking on this but the design did not come out at all. I think too much wax got into the recessed areas when I dipped it. I used Cayman Isle, Turquoise, Rust Brown and Grape dyes.  

After batiking this piece, I used Pomegranate, Turquoise, Grape and a little Emerald.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Almond Country Quilt Display at Atascadero Library and Buttonhole Wheel Stitch

Last Thursday, at the Atascadero library there was an art reception for the Almond Country Quilt Guild's display of art quilts.  It was a fun event. The quilts were displayed with poems. At the reception, the artists spoke about their quilt, followed by the poet reading their poem. 
The poems were written independent of the quilts. In some instances the poem had a relation to the quilt, but usually not. If you are a local, be sure to check out the exhibit
 which will be up through the month of May.

I'm still trying to do a new embroidery stitch each week as part of the Facebook TAST group.  This week the stitch was the buttonhole wheel. I used two different colors, two strands of each. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Tie-dyed Easter Eggs and Dick and Jane Quilt

It's been another busy, fun week. I have always enjoyed  dyeing Easter eggs since I was a little girl. I just have to make some every year. This year I made them using paper towels with food coloring and a little bit of water and vinegar in a spray bottle.

I like how you can see the texture left from the paper towels.

My friend, Isolde, is making a quilt for a friend's daughter who just had a baby. Knowing the same family, I offered to quilt it for her.  She did a great job of choosing fabrics and a pattern to really highlight the Dick and Jane blocks.  I decided to free motion quilt around the figures to emphasize them and then did machine quilting in the ditch in all the other seams.