Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shibori Dyeing with Friends

This is the beautiful view from my studio last night.

Below is an accordion folded Itajime piece, done on Essex Linen from Dharma Trading Co. I really like it and the hand of the fabric is perfect for showing the details.

Over the weekend, one of the members of my weekly quilting circle had her art-loving granddaughter and boyfriend visiting her. She asked if they could all come over and dye a shirt. So here they are below working on their projects.

Love the intense concentration from Cameron as she's applying the dyes. Her boyfriend seemed to have a good time dyeing his first shirt ever. He was glad to find out why those kind of designs on shirts are called '"Tie Dye."  It was quite the ah-ha moment for him.

Below is another picture of the cute couple.  
Can't wait to see how their shirts turned out.

Monday, September 9, 2019

New Itajime and Arashi Shibori Fabrics and Shirt

Here are some new dyed fabrics and a shirt I made 
 with a fun group of women, part of the Sew Whatz group,  in the studio barn on Saturday.

This is a T-Shirt I over-dyed using the Arashi Shibori technique. It had been previously ice-dyed but needed another layer of pattern to tie it all together into a more cohesive design.

This is an example of the honeycomb technique.
To learn more about that technique, see my post previous to this one. 
I like the water-like texture in these honeycomb pieces.

I used hexagon shaped tiles to create this clamped resist piece shown above.
I think it resembles glowing bugs with long antennae and legs.

Above is an example of stitched resist know as Komasu Shibori.

The one above is folded just like the stitched one above it, 
but you use only rubber bands
 to create the patterns.  I like it quite a bit and it's easier.

For the one above I used two balsa wood cut outs of a maple leaf  I bought at Michaels, clamped together with fabric in-between them. 

The piece above was accordion folded and held together with rubber bands. 
It's done on linen.