Friday, August 30, 2019

Honeycomb Shibori Technique Revisited

A couple days ago, I did some experimenting with variables
 in regards to the Honeycomb shibori technique. 
 I used three different cords with which to wrap the fabric. I also wrapped each one in three different ways. The one furthest on the left was folded in half and wrapped diagonally around a half inch nylon diameter cord, the middle one was wrapped around a 1/4 inch diameter cord and the one on the right was wrapped leaving about three inches on the outside. It was done on a pastel fabric,
using  a 1/2 inch jute diameter cord.

So yesterday was the big unveiling. I really love unwrapping 'batched' fabrics
 and seeing how the dyes and techniques turned out. It's almost like Christmas!

Below is the one furthest to the left in photo above.  I like how this one turned. out.
 I used Robin's Egg, Cerulean, Dragonfruit and Plum.

This is the middle one from the top photo. I'm pleased with this one too.
  I used Turquoise, Cobalt and Raven Black.

This is the one on the right in the top photo, done on a commercial pastel fabric, 
with some fabric hanging outside of the loop. It was
too pale for me. I had used Chartreuse and Emerald Green on it. I decided to re-dye it.

 So I re-tied it using the honeycomb method again and 
added some cerulean to it.  The picture below shows the improved one.

I had lots of fun experimenting with this technique, and it should be helpful
 in predicting outcomes in the future. 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sun Printing Again

Did some sun printing a few days ago, using plant material from the yard, 
large washers, an electric stove element, etc.

Below is the reverse side of this blue piece. The foam core on which I pinned the fabric had wrinkled plastic affected the texture on the print. Can't decide which side I like best.

On the piece below I just spattered the paint and scrunched it up to get an over all design.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Wisconsin and Michigan Trip

     Just returned from a two week trip to Michigan and Wisconsin. It was really great to see family and friends. I flew into Detroit to see family there, then onto Bellevue to check out my brother's hydroelectric powered mill which generates electricity for about forty homes in town.

I visited the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, where my niece lives. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the world-class art they had on their walls for such a small town.

Above is one of Deborah Butterfield's Horse Sculptures from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Her work is amazing to see in person. She builds these sculptures from branches, then takes them apart and casts them in bronze and reassembles them. 

Here's a quilt I liked from an exhibit there.

Above are two pictures of beautiful Lake Ishnala, where my sister and brother-in-law, who live in Madison, Wisconsin, took me for a scrumptious dinner at the supper club there. 
So green and peaceful.

Then it was on to Milwaukee, where I was born and raised.

Here I am with Carole, who has been my friend since 4th grade. We had a wonderful time going to all sorts of fun places in Milwaukee. The picture above and the two below were taken at the Boerner Botanical Gardens.

Here I am with Carole and my sister, Anne in the historic third ward neighborhood, which as been turned into a very hip, fun place go to eat or shop.
 We took the free 'Hop' streetcar from the east side of Milwaukee to there.

Above is the new Milwaukee Arena. It has helped to revitalize the downtown Milwaukee area.

It was great seeing all my friends and family, but it's also great to be back home.