Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New Arashi Shibori Fabrics

Made some new Arashi Sibori fabrics this weekend. Hadn't done any arashi shibori in way too long. It's relatively quick and you usually get some nice results. 

 The one above and two below were created to capture the look of fire.

The shibori below was done on a previously eco-dyed piece that hadn't turned out very well. 
I really like the interaction of the rusty eco stains with the turquoise.

The fabric below was a commercial print that I had over-dyed once
 and it needed some more color and texture.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Soy wax, ice dyed scarf, Embroidery and Barn Update

Here are some pics of projects I've been working on.
This is a silk scarf on which I used soy wax batik and ice dye techniques. 
The colors on the silk vary according to how the light hits them.

Above is a closeup, below is the whole scarf.

Two more close-ups are below.

For my Take A Stitch Tuesday facebook group I did a satin stitch butterfly which was fun but took longer than I thought it would.

Over the weekend, mu husband finished the interior north wall of the barn. What a difference.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Low Immersion and Ice-dyed Shirts and Scarves

I recently bought the Ann Johnston  "Design by Accident" DVD, which is very good. I've had the book by the same title forever and didn't think I needed the DVD, but am very glad I bought it. There is so much more in the DVDs about her techniques.

The shirt above and below are ice dyed.  There are some great You Tube videos by a guy named Crispy who has some good ideas for getting rich color and  symmetrical designs on shirts. On the one above, I used Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, Chinese Red, Grape, and Cerulean blue.  Ater most of the dye melted, I flipped it over and added the following dyes, on top of ice to the flip side: Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, Turquoise, Light Red, Orchid and Plum. (These are all Dharma Dyes)

On this shirt for side one, I used Chinese Red, Black, Turquoise, and Yellow. One the flip side, Yellow, Cayman Isle, Light Red, and Black.

On this scarf I used Lemon Yellow, Blue Green, Turquoise, Plum, Emerald and Dark Green. It was a very thin silk and a lot of the first dyes didn't stick. So I over-dyed it with Blue, Blue Green, Yellow and Light Red.

On this one I stretched it out on plastic and used pretty strong liquid procion dyes, 
sometimes rubbing in with my finger or a spoon.