Sunday, June 14, 2020

Dendritic Monoprint Art Quilt

I cut up my latest dendritic mono prints into four inch blocks and used them as a border to the smaller blocks previously. The creating of any art fabric is the most exciting part for me.  This is my piece for  the "Tradition with a Twist" challenge that my Cutting Edge Fiber Art Group is doing. 
I feel the traditional part is the cutting of fabric into blocks and sewing them together like four patch or nine patch quilts, etc. The 'twist' is in using non-traditional hand-printed fabric
 for the blocks to create an art quilt.

I machine and hand quilted the blocks and am adding some hand embroidery
 here and there to further enhance the quilt.

Monday, June 1, 2020

More Fun with Dendritic Monoprinting

I sewed together the cut up dendritic prints made earlier. 
I then decided the piece needed to be larger, 
so painted another piece of fabric.

I painted this by thoughtfully adding acrylic paint to the dampened fabric, then accordion folded it. Next I added more paint to the tops of the folds and put it outside to dry.

This is what it looked like when it dried.

This is after ironing it. I love 
how the folds look so dimensional.

Here it is after doing dendritic mono printing on it.
I used two of my large 12 1/2 inch square acrylic quilting rulers on which to spread the paint
 to create the prints.