Friday, February 21, 2020

Art by Accident

Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. We have had a family medical emergency
 taking top priority and most of my time and energy. Yesterday, I did have a little time to spend in my studio. I was comparing a couple brands of paint in regards to viscosity, color, etc., 
when the container tipped over, spilling paint. 
Never one to waste paint, I quickly grabbed a couple pieces of cotton fabric to wipe it up, then spritzed some Marabu spray paints here and there.

I really like the subtle nuanced textures created accidentally.

Back in the late 70's while at Cardinal Stritch College in Wisconsin, 
I took a very interesting class, where we did a month long unit on  creating designs accidentally.  
We did a lot of fun experiments using glue, smoke, inks, etc. 
Our 'textbook' was Design by Accident by James F. O'Brien. 
The book contains a variety of great experiments to use to create interesting designs using everything from adhesives, crayons, enamel, smoke, inks, foil, sprays, shellacs, wax paper, etc.

Below are some pictures of samples made in the class. I was living in a small apartment with an even smaller attic, that I used as my studio. It did not have great ventilation, to say the least. In that attic space I remember using all sorts of toxic, stinky materials to create art. 
Now, I take great care to use much safer materials, but still love the accidental designs.

India Ink on wet Bristol Board

 The two above are done with rubber cement on poster board with black india ink

 The two above are melted crayons on poster board.

This one above was created by using tracing paper with water on poster board and followed up with spray paint. Sorry I can't remember the exact steps as to how each was created exactly 
because it was so long ago.
 I just remember having great fun discovering  serendipitous designs.

These were done by spreading acrylic paint on a piece of posterboard, and then pressing another piece of poster board on top of it. Then you pulled the two cardboards apart from each other, creating the raised paint texture. Then you lightly spray black from one edge to catch the raised ridges.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Over Painting Fabrics

Sometimes your fabric doesn't turn out the way you envisioned it.
 Don't throw it in the rag pile yet! When that happens I paint another layer of pattern or texture on it to create more interest.  This particular piece of fabric received quite a few layers.  
First I sun-printed it, but didn't care for how it turned out.

So then I folded it into thirds both directions, placed a cd on either side of  it, 
securing it with rubber bands.

Then I squirted paint on the outside edges, letting it seep into the fabric

Then to tie it all together I stenciled dragonflies on it with an iridescent paint.

I think I finally like it! Just a reminder to not throw those 'dogs' out. Have fun experimenting with your stash of 'art goodies' and upcyle!