Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Coronavirus Quilt

Our Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group will have a virtual exhibit at PIQF this year

 with Coronavirus as the topic.  Here is the quilt I made for the exhibit.

Above is a picture of the whole quilt and below is a closeup, 
so you can see the embroidery details better.

The printing process I chose to create the fabric for this quilt resembles the way the corona virus has spread, which is mostly through air-borne droplets from people who are in close contact with each other. The blocks in this quilt were created through a method called ‘dendritic or fractal monoprinting.’  Paint was applied to a piece of glass. Another piece of glass was then pressed firmly to the painted plate, causing the paint to spread and create the branch-like patterns known as dendrites or fractals. Fabric is then placed on top of the glass paint and light pressure is applied by hand.