Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ceramic Personality Boxes

I didn't get to do any fiber art this week due to  being too busy with teaching.  Yesterday I needed to attend an all day workshop on technology in the classroom.  So I'm showing you the fruits of my labors in  the classroom.  My students really outdid themselves this year in the creation of their personality boxes. I have to show them off here. I have one section of Advanced Art this year, who are just a wonderful group of creative students who want to be in class.  The directions were to create a box which would show aspects of their personalities and or interests. Hope you enjoy them too!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Older Quilts for a New Show at the Pioneer Museum

There is going to be a quilt show in March at the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum and they are looking for larger quilts, so I pulled out a couple of quilts made some years ago to see if they want to have them for the show.

This is a quilt I made for my mom in 2000 when she moved to an assisted living facility. This was my way of helping her take her garden, which she loved dearly, to her now home. She has since passed away and I have the quilt back.

Closeup of Mom's quilt.

This one is called, Geishas in the Garden. It has sashiko stitching
 as well a machine quilting.
Above is the whole quilt, below, a closeup 

This a  link I checked out from another blog I visit regularly, called Waiting for the Muse,   This woman's work, 
Hilary Waters Fayle,  is just incredible.  It took my breath away so am sharing it with you.

Wishing you an inspirational day!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Circles Pizzazz Class with Judy Sisneros

Just got home from a great class offered by Almond Country Quilt which was taught by Judy Sisneros called Circles Pizzazz, which is also the name of one of her quilt books.   She was a very knowledgeable, enjoyable teacher.  We learned a lot and had some great fun.  It's a very challenging block. Every seam is a curved one but she had lots of great tips on getting 'non-puckering' seams. To find out more about  Judy visit her website

 Judy looked at everyone's fabrics and helped us figure out what would be the best choices 
for circles and backgrounds.

 Planning and figuring out my blocks. When I get a few more, I'll post pictures of them. 
Only finished two today.

 Cheryl's fabrics

 Above and below are two of Judy's beautiful quilts

At the end of the class, Judy put together everyone's blocks on a design board and although everyone had quite different color choices, it looks pretty good.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Playing with Solvy

I've been laying low this last weekend with a light concussion caused by being blasted in the head from a kicked soccer ball early Friday morning at school. It hit me with such force that it knocked me to the pavement.  I was totally blindsided.  The student wasn't aiming at me, but nonetheless got me.  Hopefully this will result  in a 'no ball playing area" in our quad at school, something we used to have but has not been enforced this year.

Had a little time and energy to play with making a little lacy piece with the possibility of using it as embellishment on my newest quilt.  It was fun to to it, but I don't think I'll use this particular piece here.

Here it is all stitched but still in the hoop with the solvy.

Here it is on one of the white sections where I was contemplating putting it. It shrunk when I removed the sulky  plastic in the water.  On to plan B. I'm keeping the 'lace' but won't use it here.