Tuesday, May 28, 2019

More Arashi Shibori

I had lots of fun yesterday in my new studio playing around with dyes
 creating layers of colors and patterns. 

First Layer


Drying outside on the clothesline


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Polymer Clay Buttons for Pieced and Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket

Not being able to find appropriate buttons for my sweatshirt makeover jacket, I pulled out my polymer clay materials and tools and got to work.

Here's my pasta machine that I use to help condition the clay and other tools.

Here's the buttons which still need either holes or a button shank glued to them.

Here the buttons are on the jacket. I like how all of them look except for the top one. I don't like how it looks on that particular piece of fabric. I'm either going to make a different button or four different buttons or flip the buttons to the other side. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Shibori Dyeing in the Studio with Friends

This last Thursday, my quilting circle with whom I've been meeting for over twenty years,  met in my new studio barn to create shibori shirts.  We had a great time. Here are the shirts.

This lovely rayon shirt above, from Dharma Trading Co. ,was dyed by my friend Isolde. 
 We were very disappointed that it shrunk.  I had only dyed one other rayon shirt prior to this one and it didn't shrink, even though I washed it in hot water and put it into the dryer.

My friend Joyce dyed this asymmetrical cotton shirt from Dharma Trading Co.

Lucille used her two favorite colors to dye this cotton shirt.

Phyllis dyed this cotton shirt.

This is one I dyed for my husband as a sample shirt from the previous tie dye session.

Above is another Rayon Shirt. This one I was more careful with handling, so it wouldn't shrink. 

Above is how the shirt below was wrapped around PVC piping to create the Arashi Design.

Arashi Shirt