Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Blue Jean Purse and Halloween Costume

This week I finished making a blue jean purse I started in summer!  It wasn't that it was difficult.  It just seemed other tasks kept on taking precedence.  It has two pockets inside and two outside to help me keep organized, which is always a battle. I used some Sherill Kahn fabric for the pockets and strap.

With Halloween coming up this week, I decided to make a new costume. It's not a new idea for a costume, but new for me. I'm looking forward to wearing it to school on Thursday and having the students learn a little bit about Warhol. I found the plain white dress at Goodwill earlier in the week, so just projected a picture of one of Warhol's soup cans onto the dress which was clipped to my whiteboard at school.  Then I colored away.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cutting Edge Show and Pacific International Quilt Show

Sorry I haven't posted in two weeks but it's just been a very busy time getting our house back to normal from the leak we had under our slab and I had lots of school related stuff.  Being a full-time teacher tends to be pretty full time.

Our Cutting Edge Fiber Art group had a great special exhibit at PIQF this weekend.  Here's a picture of one of my quilts there.  This one is called "Controlled Burn" and is made of arashi shirbori fabrics I dyed.

I think my favorite quilt there was this fabulous one by Kathryn Harmer Fox.  It measured 59" x 49" and was made up of many small pieces of fabric and threads, as you will see in the closeup of the eye.

Of course there were hundreds of other great quilts and too many vendors enticing all of us to spend more than we could afford.  I didn't go too crazy spending money. Being on furlough days has made me look very hard at what I buy.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Machine quilting

This week has been somewhat hectic dealing with plumbers, drywall and carpet contractors, and the insurance adjusters as we try to get out house back to normal repairing the five holes in the walls and floor. Nothing compared to what people have gone through in  in the aftermath of some of the horrible storms and fires that have ravaged our country in the past months and year.  Yesterday I took a break from it all and did some machine quilting. It kind of fit that my quilting mostly went in circles.

On a personal note, with our anniversary coming up, I was looking through wedding photos
 and came across this one taken thirty some years ago of my hubby and I  sitting
 on my 1976 Dart Swinger, just days before getting married. 
The Dart was one of my favorite cars and he is definitely my favorite husband!