Monday, February 15, 2021

Painted and Printed Fabric Fun

 Had a great time in my studio barn this weekend creating more fabrics to use in my latest art quilt. I needed some more  turquoise and orange fabrics. So I decided to create some.


                                              Here is my work station where I was mixing just the right colors.


                                                 Here are all the pieces with paint applied and drying.

This piece was painted and then scrunched up.

This piece was done use Arashi Shibori technique.

This  piece was accordion folded.

The one  above and below were painted and then scrunched up
and some rock salt was added.

The one above was done using arashi shibori technique
with a twist.



  1. Nice project, and I love your work space! Looking forward to seeing how they are used in your art quilt.

  2. Thanks Judy. Yes, I'm having a lot of fun with random, improv, cutting and piecing techniques.