Friday, July 15, 2022

Presentation for Gold Coast Quilt Guild

      I'm very excited about the opportunity to present a a trunk show to the Gold Coast Quilt Guild August 8th at 1:00 in Morro Bay at St Timothy's Church.  In preparation for this event I've been going through all my quilts and wearables putting them in chronological order. I've been creating quilts since 2000 when I made one for my mother for her to take to the nursing home she entered.

After joining Frances Bailey's quilt circle in 1997 and the Almond Country Quilt Guild soon after, I learned about all different kind of quilts one could create. And then I learned a variety of methods to create unique fabrics for quilts.  I've had some wonderful teachers over the years share their expertise in dyeing, 
printing, batik methods, painting, etc. 

Here are a few more photos of quilts and wearables I'll be sharing at the presentation.

Above is "Entangled One" using my hand-dyed fabrics.

Above is "Helianthus" using hand dyed and printed fabrics along with 
commercial ones and a photo of mine
 that I printed on fabric and on organza sheer. Lots of fun improv techniques.

Above is Tsunami Sunrise using Fabric Manipulation techniques 

Below is Petalicious.  I learned how to create the center,  op-art-like circle, 
 in a class taught by Andi Perejeda.
 This picture was taken at Studios on the Park where our Cutting Edge Group had a show in 2008. 
This was the firs quilt I sold!

Above is Gothic Grace, a quilt I made for the Beacon show, which won first place and was purchased by the Church and is displayed inside it. Such an honor.  

Above is "Into the Redwoods" which I made after taking a class from Susan Brandeis at the University of Minneapolis in a summer workshop in 2009.  She taught us how to enhance and print photos onto fabric and then use hand stitching to embellish them. This one is printed on silk
 with a sheer overlay of organza in the center section.

Hope you'll be able to join me at the Gold Coast Quilt Guild meeting.

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