Sunday, April 16, 2017

Arashi Shibori with Fabric Paint

I've been playing around with using fabric paint to create some arashi shibori pieces. The advantage of using paint is that the process is quicker and does not need as many chemicals.  I still prefer the glow you achieve from  using procion dyes, but these are a close second.

Here are some pics from my sessions this week. I used Pro Chem Fabric Paint   I like their colors and find it to be more economical to use than other brands. I dilute it about 3 parts water to 1 part paint.  It also has a very soft hand to it after washing and ironing. You can achieve different effects if you use wet fabric vs. dry fabric and if you wrap fabric at an angle as opposed to edges of fabric being parallel to sides of cylinder.

For this one I used a cardboard concrete form bought at Lowe's. I covered it with some old contact paper I had laying around to protect it's surface from water.

Below is the resulting fabric.

Below is one I wrapped around a large empty can of tomatoes.

The resulting fabric is below.

Another couple of variations are below.

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