Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Coronavirus Quilt

Our Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group will have a virtual exhibit at PIQF this year

 with Coronavirus as the topic.  Here is the quilt I made for the exhibit.

Above is a picture of the whole quilt and below is a closeup, 
so you can see the embroidery details better.

The printing process I chose to create the fabric for this quilt resembles the way the corona virus has spread, which is mostly through air-borne droplets from people who are in close contact with each other. The blocks in this quilt were created through a method called ‘dendritic or fractal monoprinting.’  Paint was applied to a piece of glass. Another piece of glass was then pressed firmly to the painted plate, causing the paint to spread and create the branch-like patterns known as dendrites or fractals. Fabric is then placed on top of the glass paint and light pressure is applied by hand.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Arashi Shibori, Morning Glories and Fiery Sunsets

 My Morning Glories are just beautiful this year. They are always such a surprise. Between all the gophers, draught, horrible air quality due to the raging fires in our area, they are a real delight right now.

Here's a new arashi shibori piece I did this week.  I used two different blacks to try to get a true black. In this photo, it looks pretty black, but in person, it has more of a very dark blue tint to it. I'm thinking of adding more pattern to it with some discharge dyeing.

The many fires burning in all directions from our home, created this incredible sunset Sunday night.
Praying for all the firefighters and people whose homes have been lost in these horrible fires.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

More Fabulous Fun with Fabric Paints

Had a lot of fun painting on fabric in my studio barn this past weekend. 
 Here are some of the fabrics I made.

I did a couple Arashi shibori pieces, wrapping the fabric around a wine bottle, then brushing fabric paint on the protruding folded edges.

Above are the finished, ironed pieces. I love how three dimensional they look, even after ironing.

The above piece was first sun-printed and then I silk-screened one of my favorite poems
 by Langston Hughes on top of it.

The piece above and below were made by splattering, splotching and, scrunching.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

New Itajime Quilt

I finished a new art quilt this last week.  It was made from a piece of shibori itajime fabric I made in September of 2014. Itajime is a Japanese shibori technique where fabric is folded and clamped to resist dyes, thus creating patterns.  Prior to using the itajime technique on it, I had low immersion dyed it and stamped it as well. If you want to see more about this fabric just click on my blog posts from September 2014.

Below is a closeup showing the overall spiral quilting designs. 
I used a walking foot very slowly and carefully.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Using Fabric Scraps to Create Cards

One of my friends was commenting on how I hadn't posted in a couple weeks, so I thought I better put something together to show I'm not being a lazy slug. I am finding it a bit difficult to focus on any longterm projects. But I have been doing a little crocheting, and making some cards to send to people in need of them. It's a good way to use up my many scraps.

I layer some fabric strips, weaving them in and out of each other and then start free motion quilting over part of the card. Then I add in more, do more sewing, etc., etc.

They're kind of fun and much faster than making a quilt and just feels right for these times.
I did get into my studio today to do some dyeing, so should be showing the results of those
 later this week.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Dendritic Monoprint Art Quilt

I cut up my latest dendritic mono prints into four inch blocks and used them as a border to the smaller blocks previously. The creating of any art fabric is the most exciting part for me.  This is my piece for  the "Tradition with a Twist" challenge that my Cutting Edge Fiber Art Group is doing. 
I feel the traditional part is the cutting of fabric into blocks and sewing them together like four patch or nine patch quilts, etc. The 'twist' is in using non-traditional hand-printed fabric
 for the blocks to create an art quilt.

I machine and hand quilted the blocks and am adding some hand embroidery
 here and there to further enhance the quilt.

Monday, June 1, 2020

More Fun with Dendritic Monoprinting

I sewed together the cut up dendritic prints made earlier. 
I then decided the piece needed to be larger, 
so painted another piece of fabric.

I painted this by thoughtfully adding acrylic paint to the dampened fabric, then accordion folded it. Next I added more paint to the tops of the folds and put it outside to dry.

This is what it looked like when it dried.

This is after ironing it. I love 
how the folds look so dimensional.

Here it is after doing dendritic mono printing on it.
I used two of my large 12 1/2 inch square acrylic quilting rulers on which to spread the paint
 to create the prints.