Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vacation and a Little Progress on Sunflower Quilt

Yesterday was my official first day of vacation. I drove up to Pacific Grove with a friend and had a wonderful day complete with beautiful ocean views and a visit to one of my favorite fabric stores, The Back Porch.  Bought a couple great fabrics and had lunch at Goodies.  The only thing missing was Frances Bailey, with whom we often made this trip.

Been working on my holographic sunflower quilt doing more machine quilting but leaving room for some hand quilting here and there.  Which brings me to a great blog post I read today on "Waiting for the Muse" blog.  Sandy, the blog's writer usually has great posts of very interesting happenings in the art world and about life in general, http://sandeedee.blogspot.com/ I've added a link to her blog in my blog list.  Her post from Sunday, with accompanying pictures about a Brooklyn artist by the name of Melissa Zexter really caught my eye.  This is an artist to check out. http://www.melissazexter.com/  Melissa combines photography and stitchery in a very interesting layered way.  She stitches right through the photographs.  I emailed her to get permission to post some of her work here but have not heard back from her yet, so you will just need to go to her site to check out her unique work.

Meanwhile I want to show you my progress on my sunflower quilt. I'm hand-stitching in some places trying to keep a more delicate line drawing in tune with the organza layered, flipped photograph.  In other areas I'm machine quilting.  Hope to finish this quilt by the end of break.

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