Sunday, March 19, 2017

More Itajime

Once your dyes are all made up and in squirt bottles, the dyeing goes very fast.
 Having done that about a month ago or so, it didn't take me very long to put together a few new pieces. Having way too much fun with this technique.

Fabric was accordion folded and tied to the PVC  piece at an angle to create chevron stripes.

Below is the resulting fabric.

Itajime  using chopsticks and washers.

Itajime using larger sticks. Prior to putting those on, I used large washers clamped to the fabric to create a circular design underneath that you see in the finished piece.

 For this one, I accordion folded the fabric, wound it around a spool using rubber bands
 to secure in and drizzled dye on the folded edges.

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  1. Great examples of the technique, Jeanne! I haven't done any in awhile, but have had some great results in the past.